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  • I was very fortunate to find a doctor who understands and treats patients with easy and give clear and user-friendly instruction. I had trouble with my stomach, more often it would cause me much pain and agony.

    ~ Umar ~

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  • I’m writing to express my gratitude for the service provided by Dr. Basir Bhat at the Aster Clinic at Business Bay. In all my years of medical attention in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter, Dr. Basir Bhat stands out.

    ~ Bob Brown ~

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  • Increasing Number of Patients with GERD being detected, say experts from Aster Hospital & Clinic

    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD is a chronic digestive disease that occurs when acid from the stomachflows backward into the esophagus, causing a burning...

  • International CME on Lifestyle Disorders

    Aster DM Healthcare organized an International CME on Lifestyle Disorders, which saw the attendance of medical professionals from within the local and International network of Aster.

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    Hepatitis B – Its causes and effects

    Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a worldwide problem and can cause acute hepatitis, acute liver failure, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

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    All you need to know about Helicbacter Pylori (Bacteria in the stomach)

    What is Helicbacter pylori? Helicbacter Pylori, commonly known as H.pylori is a bacteria which lives in our stomach. It’s not a rare infection and almost half of the world population is infected with the H.pylori bacteria.